Welcome to Pet Sitting Bridgwater

Pet sitting in Bridgwater is run and owned by Debbie. She has completed a Level 3 Animal Care CPD course including animal hygiene, first aid, and Level 3 Animal Psychology.  She holds a valid DBS certificate and is fully insured.  

Debbie’s services include: cat, dog, kitten and puppy sitting, dog walking, small animal feeding, pet let outs and pet taxi services.

“ I think all pets respond to love, kindness, fun and respect, they are like a mirror, they reflect what they are given – just like we do. If you show them love and kindness that’s the behaviour you’ll receive back. It’s really important for them to trust you, that’s why I have studied animal psychology as well so I can support my clients and provide additional reassurances when they can’t be available for their animals all the time.”

Cat Sitting

Our Cat Sitting service offers you the flexibility of allowing your cats to stay at home while you’re away. It can be a very anxious time for you and your cats when you’re apart from one another, that’s why we’re here to make sure that your cats are well looked after in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Dog Walking

Our Dog Walking service ensures your best friend gets exercised while you are out for the day or at work or if you are not able to do this yourself.

Dog Let Outs

Our Dog Let Out service means your pet gets a break outside in the garden while you are out or at work.

Puppy Care Service

We also provide a Puppy Care service with one, two or three visits a day.

Other Pets

In addition to looking after your cats and dogs we can also feed and care Pet Sitting Service for any other animals you may have including mice, ferrets, gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ducks, cattle, reptiles, chickens etc.

If you’re looking for a professional pet sitter or dog walker in Bridgwater or the surrounding areas please contact me to see how our services can benefit you!

For more information please get in touch to see how I can help you.