About Us


Hello my name is Debbie and I live in Woolavington, Bridgwater. I have decided to leave behind the corporate world after many years and start a local pet sitting service for pet owners in Woolavington, Bridgwater and surrounding areas.  

I live with my husband John and my two Siamese Tortie cats, Celeste and Star.   

“Pets bring a different quality to our lives, they are a gift. My cats are very interactive and intelligent and they really respond to you.”

Celeste and Star

I have always had a passion for animals having owned pets but never worked with them. This year I decided that it’s now or never to do something that I love, and to offer my clients an exceptional pet sitting service.

I grew up in Australia and kept lots of pets: guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. Whilst living in Australia I made friends with a wild budgerigar who would fly to me in the garden where I fed him. He became tame and subsequently my pet. 

I also owned a Great Dane called Wooster who lived until he was 13. He was a Warflake Great Dane from Weston Zoyland in Somerset.

Whilst recently on holiday I became involved with a fantastic animal charity and got involved feeding and taking care of “pets” that had been abandoned and neglected in the local resort. 

“I think all pets respond to love, kindness, fun and respect, they are like a mirror, they reflect what they are given – just like we do. If you show them love and kindness that’s the behaviour you’ll receive back. It’s really important for them to trust you”.

I wish to support my clients when they cannot be available for their animals all of the time and to this end, I have achieved CPD Accredited qualifications in Animal Care Level 3 which includes animal hygiene and first aid, and Animal Psychology which includes Animal Behaviour and Training. I have a clear and valid DBS certificate and I am fully insured. I am also a Fully Registered Gold Member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, (NARPS – UK).

Our services include: cat, dog, kitten and puppy sitting, dog walking and pet let outs.